Coaching Programs

All private 1:1 programs

woman's legs from knees down, standing on a rock, dipping her toes into water

Dipping My Toes In

I don’t have to do this alone
  • Together we take stock of where you are
  • We create a safe space
  • We create a new path forward

Weekly coaching sessions to guide and support you in creating a Vision of the Life you want to create.

Taste how mindful life coaching can change your life.

6 Weekly Sessions

Black woman with hands over heart, eyes closed

I'm Worth it

A serious dive
  • Mid-sized Program Option
  • Create your vision of your new life
  • Find out what’s getting in the way

Bi-weekly coaching sessions customized to guide you in creating Your Vision of a life of Purpose, Meaning and Joy and to discover how to make it happen.

Get un-stuck and create a compelling vision of a future you would love.

12 Bi-Weekly Sessions

Woman leaping

Give Me Wings and I’ll Fly

Create your new life private program
  • Move from Now to Wow
  • Create your vision of your new life
  • Work thru challenges and make it real
  • Learn the tools to help you live a joy-filled life

Weekly coaching customized to help you create a vision of Your beautiful life filled with Purpose, Meaning and Joy. Take the steps to take off!

Move from Now to WOW!

24 Weekly Sessions

  • Proven system customized to meet you exactly where you are and guide you to where you want to be
  • Private coaching by zoom (eventually also in-person)