Mentoring/Professional Supervision

You are finally done! You have completed your coach training and certification and you are ready. But what now? Do you find yourself asking…
  • How do I start my business?
  • When I find a potential client, how do I explain what I do, how do I take a payment, how do I schedule with them, how do I qualify them?
  • What do I do when I have a client that is dealing with a really difficult situation and I don’t know what to do?
Frustrating, isn’t it? You have the skills, you are passionate about sharing your coaching and helping those who are struggling, but you find yourself getting bogged down in the details of starting a business. AND, when you start working with real clients you discover that it is not like working with other coaching students, real clients have real problems that aren’t in the book. WHO do you turn to when you need to come up with creative strategies for working with clients? WHO can help you to develop a plan to get your business up and running in an easy and effective way?
Karen Randall

This is what I do.

If this is for you let’s have a call! During our brief phone consultation we will find out it if is a good fit to work together.

  • 12 Monthly Supervision/Mentorship Sessions customized for you
  • Private sessions by zoom to help you build your business your way and to become the professional coach you want to be
  • Create a vision of your coaching practice and get support to build it
  • Together we identify the obstacles that are getting in the way, and we work together to move past the obstacles and embrace all parts of you.
  • You will be seen, supported and celebrated each step of the way

I have spent many years as a business professional. I was a CPA and Financial executive. I left the business world to become a life coach. I continue to teach coaching to coaching students and recently certified coaches. I use all these skills to support and mentor you as you begin your coaching practice. This is what I do. If this is for you schedule a discovery session and find out more.